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Rising from the Ashes


Largest fire in Georgia, 1999; lightening strike burned further processing facility to the ground (no sprinklers)

Fought fire with volunteers; moved fire fighters out to safety; no loss of life or injuries

State Troopers, Fire Marshal and EPA shut down county; worked with EPA to re-open access to plant and execute clean up


Insure supply to customers

Worked with co-packer on formulas and processes to bring co-packer up to capacity; transferred company employees to co-packer to staff additional shifts


Replacement facility

Surveyed existing facilities; developed strategies to convert to USDA use; not cost effective

Developed new construction strategy

Designed facility with staff engineer

Purchased equipment

Constructed building and processing line

Implemented new process to increase yield to over 100 %

Hired personnel, trained and started production



Nine months from fire to new, operational facility; fully sprinklered, state of the art, further processing plant

American Institute of Baking Superior rating

Increased yield over twenty percent; improved product quality attributes

Increased capacity at a lower unit cost; improved profit margin